Writing a bio for a housekeeper job

Completed residential housekeeping tasks for several regular clients. Maintained clean living environments including laundry surface cleaning mopping and dusting.

Writing a bio for a housekeeper job

Cleaned home interiors and immediate exteriors such as patios, porches, and decks.

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Maintained kitchen area, including dishes, pantries, cupboards, counters, and floors. Purchased and ordered groceries and household supplies to maintain kitchen stock levels, and accurately recorded expenditures to assist with household budget management.

Planned menus, cooked, and served meals and snacks to families and children.

writing a bio for a housekeeper job

Assisted homeowners to rotate seasonal clothing in closets and plan seasonal events such as holiday parties and birthdays. Housekeeper Domestic Solutions Los Angeles, CA Administered all aspects of general housekeeping, organization, and deep cleaning of residence on live-out basis for three families.

This is a repost. Update 8/22/ Dialogue on my FB page made me realize that I need to provide fuller context for this post. This dates from early years on the blog when I used to do special request posts to respond to reader questions. I’m writing to you in reference to the recent job opening for Houskeeping Manager on your website. I am a methodical and amenable professional with years of experience in the housekeeping industry, and I am excited to be applying for this position. How to write a Housekeeper job description Your job description is the first touchpoint between your company and your new hire. With millions of people searching for jobs on Indeed each month, a great job description can help you attract the most qualified candidates to your open position.

Managed and organized closets, pantries, and cupboards to optimize household workflows and facilitate inventory management and housekeeping schedule management and chore planning. Accompanied family to vacation home in Aspen during school year and summer. Crafting a Private Housekeeper resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition.Look to the housekeeper resume sample for some excellent active verbs to use for this position.

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Help Wanted Ads from Employers A housekeeping resume should be clear and concise, highlighting your organization skills for potential employers. Creating a resume can be stressful, but taking it section by section like you would a housekeeping task can make it feel more manageable.
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Articles to Help you Write the Perfect " + indusNameCaps + " Resume What you choose to highlight may play a role in others deciding to follow you, call you in for an interview, or invite you to participate in an event.
How to Write a Short Bio About Yourself | ashio-midori.com July 6, at 8: It tends to increase turnover and reduce the quality of your applicants.

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Residential Housekeeper Resume Sample | LiveCareer

Quick Tips for Writing an Executive Biography: The above documents are sample executive biographies to be used both during and after your job search.

The average job seeker can use a biographical sketch to help them complete online profiles such as those on LinkedIn and Facebook.

writing a bio for a housekeeper job

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8 Steps to Writing a Bio Like a Pro (Chris Brogan in Fact) 10 February by Jörgen Sundberg A short professional bio has become increasingly important as most of us suffer from information fatigue and cannot be bothered to read lengthy documents about anybody.

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