Triple threat

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Triple threat

Triple Threat is the fifteenth episode of season seven of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and fifty-eighth overall. When Spike accidentally invites Ember and Thorax to Ponyville on the same day, he believes they won't get along and tries to keep them apart.

Contents [ show ] Production This episode was initially scheduled to premiere on Canada's Treehouse Triple threat channel on June 4,[1] but was later replaced by a repeat of Rock Solid Friendship. Summary Dragons and changelings The episode begins in Ponyvillewhere Spike —official friendship ambassador to the dragons —is overseeing preparations for Ember 's arrival.

Because of the dragons' inherently competitive nature, they are having difficulty embracing friendship, so Spike has invited Ember to Ponyville to give her advice.

Despite Spike's nervousness, Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer are certain that he can handle it. Thorax unexpectedly appears in Ponyville. Just then, Thorax appears, and Spike remembers that he also invited him to Ponyville, not realizing that he'd extended invitations to both the Dragon Lord and the leader of the changelings on the same day.

Spike is afraid that Ember's aggressive and intimidating personality will clash with Thorax's kind and sensitive nature to the point that it will spark a conflict between dragons and changelings.

Triple threat

As Spike talks to Thorax about his recent leadership troubles, he sees Ember approaching from the sky. He urges Thorax toward the Castle of Friendship so Twilight can give him a tour. Meanwhile, Spike and Starlight welcome Ember to town, but she immediately scares some townsfolk with her fire breath and aversion to bright colors.

She asks where Twilight is, and Spike inadvertently mentions that she's at her castle. A sudden map mission Ember enjoys some Ponyville "cuisine". At the castle, Spike makes certain that the coast is clear before inviting Ember inside.

He treats her to a welcoming banquet of treats, but Ember mostly eats the food bowls and castle walls made of gems. As Ember helps herself to the "banquet", Spike excuses himself. Meanwhile, Twilight shows Thorax her favorite chairs in the castle library.

Spike enters and suddenly pulls Twilight away, informing her that Ember is in the castle.

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Because Ember wants to talk to Twilight and Thorax wants to talk to Spike, Spike suggests that he and Twilight switch places. All of a sudden, the scales on Spike's head start to glow, and a holographic image of Spike appears floating over the Cutie Map.

Spike gets his first map mission. He asks Twilight and Starlight to keep Ember and Thorax distracted and away from each other while he seeks out the friendship problem he's been summoned to solve. While walking through town, he finds Lyra Heartstrings and Sweetie Drops having an argument over cupcakes.

Never the twain shall meet Starlight Glimmer invites Thorax out to lunch. Back in the castle dining hall, Twilight meets with Ember, who—despite the banquet that was prepared for her—feels like she is being avoided. Twilight assures her that everyone is just getting everything ready for her welcoming party later on, and she offers to show Ember around town.

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Meanwhile, Starlight returns to Thorax in the library, tells him that Twilight and Spike are busy with paperwork, and offers to take him to lunch. Thorax accepts, but he is disappointed over not being able to talk with Spike.Triple Threat Mentoring uses people’s passions to fight the cycle of poverty.

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Triple threat

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