The story of jesse james

Jesse Woodson James was born into a hard working family. His parents lived in Clay County Missouri, where Jesse and his two full siblings were born. When Jesse was three years old, his father died in California, preaching to those looking for gold. During the Civil War, Jesse and his family were dedicated Confederates.

The story of jesse james

This area of Missouri was largely settled by people from the Upper South, especially Kentucky and Tennesseeand became known as Little Dixie for this reason. James had two full siblings: His father, Robert S. Jamesfarmed commercial hemp in Kentucky and was a Baptist minister before coming to Missouri.

Robert traveled to California during the Gold Rush to minister to those searching for gold; [3] he died there when James was three years old. Reuben Samuelwho moved into the James family home.


Farmers raised the same crops and livestock as in the areas from which they had migrated. They brought slaves with them and purchased more according to their needs. The county counted more slaveholders and more slaves than most other regions of the state; in Missouri as a whole, slaves accounted for only 10 percent of the population, but in Clay County they constituted 25 percent.

This influenced how the population acted during and for a period of time after the war. After the passage of the Kansas—Nebraska Act inClay County became the scene of great turmoil, as the question of whether slavery would be expanded into the neighboring Kansas Territory bred tension and hostility.

Many people from Missouri migrated to Kansas to try to influence its future.

Expert: Lost Photo Shows Jesse James and His Killer

Much of the dramatic build-up to the Civil War centered on the violence that erupted on the Kansas—Missouri border between pro- and anti-slavery militias. A bitter conflict ensued, resulting in an escalating cycle of atrocities committed by both sides.

Confederate guerrillas murdered civilian Unionists, executed prisoners, and scalped the dead. The Union presence enforced martial law with raids on homes, arrests of civilians, summary executionsand banishment of Confederate sympathizers from the state.

He fell ill and returned home soon afterward. Inhe was identified as a member of a guerrilla squad that operated in Clay County.

The story of jesse james

They tortured Reuben Samuel by briefly hanging him from a tree. According to legend, they lashed young Jesse. It is thought that he took part in the notorious massacre of some two hundred men and boys in Lawrence, Kansasa center of abolitionists.

In the spring he returned in a squad commanded by Fletch Taylor. Jesse suffered a serious wound to the chest that summer. The Clay County provost marshal reported that both Frank and Jesse James took part in the Centralia Massacre in September, in which guerrillas stopped a train carrying unarmed Union soldiers returning home from duty and killed or wounded some 22 of them; the guerrillas scalped and dismembered some of the dead.

The guerrillas also ambushed and defeated a pursuing regiment of Major A. Frank later identified Jesse as a member of the band who had fatally shot Major Johnson.

The story of jesse james

Though ordered to move South beyond Union lines, they moved north across the nearby state border into Nebraska Territory.

He is known to have returned to Missouri in the spring. The conflict split the population into three bitterly opposed factions: It temporarily excluded former Confederates from voting, serving on juries, becoming corporate officers, or preaching from church pulpits.

The atmosphere was volatile, with widespread clashes between individuals and between armed gangs of veterans from both sides of the war.Jesse Woodson James (September 5, – April 3, ) was an American outlaw, bank and train robber, guerrilla, and leader of the James–Younger in the "Little Dixie" area of western Missouri, James and his family maintained strong Southern and his brother Frank James joined pro-Confederate guerrillas known as "bushwhackers" operating in Missouri and Kansas.

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Jesse James assassination was a hoax. What if the traditional history of Jesse Woodson James was not all true? What if he escaped to live a peaceful life? The Story of Jesse James Looking Back with Lloyd Mathews, original publish date unknown Back in the good old days, (and by that I mean any time prior to ) the American people didn’t have hundreds of sports heroes to worship.

The Jesse James Photo Album A National Treasure of Rare Historic Images. The RJ Pastore Collection reveals an amazing story about Jesse James and his look alike cousins who all went by the same names. Oct 01,  · Few photos have been found of notorious outlaw Jesse James.

Even fewer show James and his assassin Robert Ford—but one has apparently just been authenticated.

Expert: Lost Photo Shows Jesse James and His Killer

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Jesse James Photo Album – A National Treasure of Rare Historic Photos