The negative side of major record labels

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The negative side of major record labels

June 4, The Stereo Singles Project The Stereo Singles Project will consist of several discographies, and in the short run some will be more complete than others. Finally, Part 4 will cover the first few years of the second stereo 45 era, starting in when the industry went to "compatible 45s" that played in stereo.

The "Speed Wars" of To fully understand what happened when stereo singles were introduced inwe must take a quick trip back to the late s. This variation is similar to more modern records being "speeded up" to make the sound more peppy or make the vocalist sound younger.

Capitol was just getting started, and Decca was big, but not particularly innovative on the research side.

The negative side of major record labels

These two labels were bitter rivals, and generally competed to see which could drive the market with new innovations. Both companies were working on improvements to the 78, improvements in handling and storage, improvement in freedom from the 78 surface noise, improvements in freedom from distortion, as well as improved playing times even 12" 78s had a limit of about 6 minutes or so on each side, which was problematic for classical pieces, for example.

Both companies were known to be working on hush-hush projects to basically replace the Columbia got to the announcement stage first.

The negative side of major record labels

They called the new innovation the Lp big "L", small "p" for "long playing. By the next week, phonograph makers were rushing to build units that could play the new records, the first of which were due in June. They talked about the availability of phonographs.

They also offered their new technology to any other labels who wanted them.

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JavaScript June 4, The Stereo Singles Project The Stereo Singles Project will consist of several discographies, and in the short run some will be more complete than others. The first part will cover the stereo 45s issued during the industry's first stereo single era,

For the rest ofColumbia was busy getting a catalog of new Lp records together, most on 10" but some on 12", mostly reissues of old 78 material, and everything looked bright. But there was still a nagging rumor that RCA-Victor had their own secret project that would change everything, again.

Albums would be done by booklets of 45s.

The Stereo Singles Project

By January 15, before RCA could get any 45s on the market, Columbia was already announcing their price structure for singles. In a somewhat self- congratulatory statement, Edward Wallerstein, Chairman of the Board of Columbia Records, announced, "It is the logical step in the completion of the revolutionary technique established when we introduced the microgroove system six months ago.

RCA engineers had designed it "with the express objective of achieving percent undistortion, or put another way, creating a record which is completely free of surface noises or distortion of any kind. The long Billboard story on January 8 concluded this way: As is the custom with all its many products, engineering research has gone on in the record division for a long time.

As far back as late the RCA engineers were diddling, not with a new type record, but with a complete phonograph system, which would give completely undistorted music.

The record player which will be introduced in March or April of were actually developed for all practical purposes in late In view of the engineering research, production and other planning necessary to ready and launch such an item it seems ridiculous to believe that pique over the Columbia move dictated the RCA entry However, there is little doubt that the introduction of the new RCA player and platter in the spring will mark the beginning of a historic disk battle between the Camden characters [RCA] and the Columbia gang from Bridgeport.

RCA made the first 12 rpm singles available the week of April 16,and announced that starting with the April 29 release, all new releases would be made on both rpm and rpm discs.

The advertisement above left is from the April 23,issue of Billboard, and marks the first time rpm singles were available. With the release of these singles, customers noticed an interesting bonus:All Music Industry Contacts (Standard) Instant Download - Contains all of Americas most successful Record Label A&R, Music Managers, Music Producers, Music Publishers, Independent Record Labels and Music Agents: including their complete contact information plus updated email addresses and credits.

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