Tax types

Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes The Global Forum is a key international body working on the implementation of international standards on tax transparency. It ensures that these high standards of transparency and exchange of information for tax purposes are in place around the world through its monitoring and peer review activities. Automatic exchange of information portal Automatic exchange of information is the systematic and periodic transmission of tax information by countries to the residence country concerning various categories of income, such as dividends, interest, gross proceeds, royalties, salaries, pensions, etc. Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters The Convention is a freestanding multilateral agreement designed to promote international co-operation for a better operation of national tax laws, while respecting the fundamental rights of the taxpayers.

Tax types

Filing an IR4 tax return Generally all active companies must file an IR4 income tax return each year. New Zealand resident companies body corporates registered under the Unit Titles Act - even if it's a nil return. If your company is non-active you do not have to file a return.

Exceptions to filing an IR4 income tax return are: The company is a member of a consolidated group. A non-resident company with no permanent establishment or centre of management in New Zealand is not required to file IR4 income tax returns. If you're no longer trading If you're no longer trading you may apply for an exemption from filing tax returns by completing a Non-active company declaration IR form and sending it to us.

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A non-active company is a company that has: If your application is accepted, you'll no longer be required to file tax returns or prepare financial reports until your company is reactivated.

If you don't have an exemption then you must file a return, otherwise you will be charged a late filing penalty. If you're closing down your business there are a lot of things to do to ensure you're still meeting your tax obligations.

Check out "Closing down your business" - this video shows how easy it is for Scott as a business owner to take care of his tax when he closes his business Filing an IR9 tax return All New Zealand clubs and societies must file an IR9 income tax return each year unless they derive only exempt income.

If you need more information about completing your return, see our Clubs or societies return guide IR9GU.

Tax types

Filing an IR44 tax return All superannuation funds registered with the Financial Markets Authority formerly known as the Government Actuary must file an Income tax return: Registered superannuation funds IR If your scheme isn't registered with the Financial Markets Authority and allows beneficiaries to contribute, it will be treated as a company for tax purposes and must file an Income tax return: If the scheme doesn't allow beneficiaries to contribute, it will be treated as a trust and must file an Income tax return: Estate or trust IR6.

Your fund may face penalties or prosecution if you: If you need more information about completing your return, see our Registered superannuation funds return guide IR44G Forms for summaries of business and expenses You can either attach a copy of your accounts or use the appropriate form for yuor buisness as outlined in the table.Types of Tax-Exempt Municipal Bonds on Project Invested.

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue > Tax Information > Tax Types and Information. Begin Main Content Area Personal Income Tax. Inheritance Tax. Realty Transfer Tax. Sales, Use and Hotel Occupancy Tax. Cigarette Tax.

Other Tobacco Products Tax. Corporation Taxes. Partnerships/S Corporations/LLCs.

Tax types

1 For exceptions to the filing requirement, see Chapter 2 and the Form instructions.. 2 An organization exempt under a Subsection of Code section other than (c)(3), may establish a charitable fund, contributions to which are deductible.

Such a fund must itself meet the requirements of section (c)(3) and the related notice requirements of section (a). Apr 12,  · Learn about the types of federal business taxes. Form - There is a federal excise tax on certain trucks, truck tractors, and buses used on public highways.

The tax applies to vehicles having a taxable gross weight of 55, pounds or more. Code Description FIPS Code Rate (as of July 1, ) Additional Notes General Rate Sales Tax. 27 present tax rate = % There are several different types of Federal individual income tax returns.

You must use the tax form that corresponds with your particular situation and allows you to claim the income, tax deductions, tax credits, etc. that apply to you.

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