Steinbeck portrays character lennie george mice men

Of Mice and Men: Themes and Characters You are here: English Of Mice and Men: Steinbeck introduces his authorial technique from the start of the story by starting with a very positive beginning all about the beauty of nature; even during the great depression the country was charming.

Steinbeck portrays character lennie george mice men

This indicates the way women were viewed as extensions of the men with which they belonged. The color red fingernails, lips, shoes reinforces her lustful representation. In light of this, her overtly sexual presentation suggests that the men see her as a temptress.

While the men join in sexualizing her, they also disapprove of her behavior as a married woman.

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This reflects larger social attitudes of the time about gender roles. She learned to be hard to cover her fright. And automatically she became hardest when she was most frightened. She is a nice, kind girl, not a floozy. No man has ever considered her as anything except a girl to try to make.

She has never talked to a man except in the sexual fencing conversation. She is not highly sexed particularly but knows instinctively that if she is to be noticed at all, it will be because some one finds her sexually desirable. As to her actual sexual life—she has had none except with Curley and there has probably been no consummation there since Curley would not consider her gratification and would probably be suspicious if she had any.

Consequently she is a little starved. She knows utterly nothing about sex except the mass misinformation girls tell one another.


If anyone—a man or woman—ever gave her a break—treated her like a person—she would be a slave to that person. Her craving for contact is immense but she, with her background, is incapable of conceiving any contact without some sexual context.

With all this—if you knew her, if you could ever break down a thousand little defenses she has built up, you would find a nice person, an honest person, and you would end up by loving her.

Overall, while men in the text view women as sexual objects or property, Steinbeck hoped to create a complex character with a stereotypical appearance—and he lets the reader interpret her motivations.

These mentions also reinforce attitudes toward women. George characterizes the girl in Weed as a manipulative liar she claimed Lennie raped her when all he did was touch her dress, according to George. Aunt Clara, meanwhile, is an old-maid type who cared for Lennie when he was a child.In the story "Of Mice & Men", John Steinbeck creates a pair of low-class companionship as the story's main character.

This pair of companionship, George and Lennie is very different from each other, nothing alike, no matter talking about their figu 1/5(1).

Steinbeck portrays character lennie george mice men

How Steinbeck Portrays the character of Lennie & George in 'Of Mice & Men' Words Dec 2nd, 7 Pages In the story "Of Mice & Men", John Steinbeck creates a pair of low-class companionship as the story 's main character.

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Loneliness and Lenny in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men - The Great Depression was a period in the ’s when America was in a state of economic collapse.

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