Preserving cut flowers with different solutions

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Preserving cut flowers with different solutions

Six Gerbera were used and each of the flower stems was cut at an angle of 45 degree. Also, six plastic bottles were collected and used as vases, and six different solutions were separately poured into each of the containers. Each flower had a stem of CACM and corn of which was immersed in the water.

For solution 1, 1 liter of tap water was added in the container. For solution 5, 1 liter of tap water and 2 table spoons of fresh lemon juice were poured into the entertainers.

Six containers with flowers were put in a place where kept out from direct exposure of sunlight until they wilted.

The solutions were changed very four days of the same composition. The daily temperature, the flowers and the condition of the solutions were recorded every day; photos were also taken for every day to mark the changes of the flowers and the condition of the solutions.

Photos of flowers in day 1: To observe how various solutions affect the lifetime of Gerbera and to determine which solution could best sustain the growth of the plant, 6 different solutions were added into the vases containing Gerbera to conduct the experiment The results revealed that solution 5 which avgas the mix of lemon juice and sugar allowed the flower to have the longest lifespan, While solution 7 Which was the ix of Coca Cola and water, was the first to wilt.

Bleach The main chemical component Of bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite NiacinWhich can unravel the bacterial protein chains so that it inhibits the growth of bacterial in the solution. The solutions Solution 2, 6, 8 containing bleach could at least survive for 5 days.

However, bleach contains toxic gas which is harmful for organism as well; therefore, the solutions 2, 6, 8 were not the one lasted for the longest period when compared with other solutions.

Gerbera of solution 5 had the longest lifespan since the solution contained lemon juice that successfully killed the germs and helped improve the water permeability. Lemon juice is not harmful tort the flowers and thus, solution 5 and 6 which contained lemon juice can have the longest lifetime.

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Sugar Sugar nourishes the flowers, helps blooms last longer. For solution 5 and 6, a table spoon of sugar was added, Solution S can last the longest since sugar and lemon juice were added, while sugar provided food sources to gerbera and memo juice helped kill the bacteria.

Although solution 6 contained sugar and lemon juice but it wilted faster than solution 5 since solution 6 contains bleach, the toxic gas affected the lifespan of gerbera, so that it could not last longer than solution 5.

Preserving cut flowers with different solutions

The Coca Cola provided sugar and caramel which nourished the flowers, While at the same time it could inhibit the growth Of bacteria. Therefore, Coca Cola helped the gerbera bloom for at least 4 days. Therefore, solution 8 can last longer than solution 7.

Each solution has its unique feature to affect the lifespan of the flowers.

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A mixture of lemon juice and sugar was the most effective solution to keep the flowers live longer. The second effective choice was the mixture of bleach and eater; it helped prohibit the growth of bacteria. The result showed Coca Cola was the worst solution to keep the cut flowers fresh when compared with the other mixtures.

In order to show the accuracy of the experiment, apparatus should be provided to measure the changes of the flowers since it may not be completely scientific when observing them by human eyes. In addition, the comprehensiveness can be improved if different types of flowers can be examined, so that we can know whether the results of solutions are applicable in different kinds of flowers.


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