Motivation of employee in lic essay

Based on a combination of literature research and an exploratory survey, the chapter explores the methods of training and development in HRD practices in construction firms. The survey was conducted by sending 50 sets of questionnaires to the nominated contractor firms in Mashhad, Iran. The analysis methods in this research were mainly descriptive and the type of investigation was a co-relational study. The research found some of the barriers and solutions of training and development of workforces.

Motivation of employee in lic essay

However, those researches have also revealed that these candidates are not yet ready or mostly unable to perform the organizational tasks effectively. It is also come out that the company has been involving their staffs and employees within various training and development programmes.

Literature Review Performance is the ultimate aim or goal for both the organization and the employees. The organizational performance largely depends upon the employee performance. Therefore, the key objectives of the organizations for obtaining success must include an effective strategy or policy for enhancing the performances of their employees.

Training and development is the method available for the organization to enhance the performances of their employees. Training and development is nothing but the process of showing the staffs and employees to utilise their skills, competencies, qualifications, knowledge and experiences towards organizational success effectively.

Typically the activities related to training and development is performed by the human resource department, generally after the process of recruitment and selection. However, the training and development is not as easy as it sounds and many resources are required are for performing such task.

Firstly, it is very important for the human resource department to analyse the goals and objectives of their organization and compare them with the skills and competencies of their staffs and employees to evaluate the training and development needs for their organization.

Finally, the human resource department must draw the most suitable pattern for conducting training and development. It is equally important for the human resource department to analyse whether the training and development sessions are working perfectly for making an impact upon the performances of the employees.

An effective training and development process should contain the activities such as assessing needs, establishing objectives, designing and developing training materials, formulating and implementing training and development, supporting the operation and evaluating employee performance. Methodology Quantitative research methodology is required for fulfilling the current research as the procedure benefits completing the research by developing a relationship between the theories and numerical data based on training and development and the employee performance.

Brief objectives have been created for the research and the research will followthe positivism research approach. The research will be constructed around the deductive research approach for investigating the theories.

Data collected for the research will not be manipulated under any circumstances for influencing the outcome of the research. The present research will be formed using descriptive design for interacting effectually with the research participants. The effects of organizational training on organizational commitment.

International Journal of Training and Development, 14 4pp. Using knowledge management to leverage training and development initiatives.

Industrial and Commercial Training, 42 2pp. The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of training, development, and performance improvement Table of Contents.• Responsible for employee verifications, new hire paperwork and orientation.

• Train and supervise new staff. • Schedule meetings and conference calls for office staff. Aug 22,  · How to Write a Personal Testimonial About Yourself. In this Article: Sample Testimonials Brainstorming Before Writing Developing the Specifics Polishing Your Personal Testimony Community Q&A A personal testimonial is a tool you may use to apply for a variety of K.

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Motivation of employee in lic essay

of a strong sense of professionalism among police officers-not only in their own eyes, but in the eyes of the pub- lic-may. Training and development describes the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within organizations to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of their employees through a variety of.

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