Iroquis creation story essay example

Most consider this story to be a myth but to Cusick it was history. The Iroquois Creation myth starts with a sky woman who is pregnant with twins, a good child and an evil child.

Iroquis creation story essay example

First, we need to understand what the word means. "Creation," as I shall use the word in these essays, refers both to the process and product of creation: we apply it both to the creation of the universe and to the universe as a creation. Iroquois (GrPE-kwoiQ) creation story filled creation myth you are about to read is another example of folk literature. Using the following strategies as you read will help this suggest about the. the world on the turtle’s back? the world on the turtle’s back. the world on the turtle’s back creation. The Creation Story of Earth in the Eyes of the Indian According to the Iroquois, before the earth was created there existed only water, until God sent down a large Goddess who sat in the water and created a place of dry land. 3/5(3).

Jim Turner Running head: A more interesting study happens when comparing two or more cultures, and examining the differences of their myths, which set out to explain the same or similar events. Creation myths give a rich field upon which to focus study and circumspection.

This paper will discuss the worlds, elements of the myths, as well as, the creator and creation itself, the gender identities of the gods and the people the gods created. In many myths cosmic elements play a big role, the role of such cosmic events helps to better understand the myths originator and what may have happened in their lifetime.

Briefly, creation myths and their importance to culture get examined.

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This people have a rich culture and heritage. They lived in a very maternal society, Prior to the establishment of the United States; the Iroquois League had in place a representative republic form of government, whose representatives were elected by the mothers of each tribe and village.

The chiefs elected met in the Great Lodge in quorums much like the US House of Representatives meets in quorums and committees today. The Sky Woman creation myth, part of the Iroquois rich culture, demonstrates the high regard this people held women, and how much they valued the Earth.

Iroquis creation story essay example

This myth begins in another world. A young woman receives word from her deceased father to marry a complete stranger. Without asking her mother, the young woman goes to find the stranger.

After listening to her he agrees to marry her if she can pass his tests. She passes the tests and they marry. One this mans land grew a large tree of light. This woman loved to sit by the tree and think and reflect on life.

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While lying down at the base of the tree one day, she becomes impregnated by the tree. Her husband knows this and comes to despise her and the tree. So, he digs it up and to his surprise he can see at the bottom of the hole what appears to be a blue sky.

He invites his wife to come see what he has discovered, and convinces her someone needs to explore it.

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She agrees and jumps in the hole and falls for a very long time, nearly an eternity. She gets lost in dreams and almost forgets why she fell in the first place. She became aware of intelligent beings in the vast emptiness she was in and eventually fell into their arms and wings, the beings were waterfowl, beaver, and turtle.

As she cane to rest with them she realized that she was in motion with them. She felt a gentle spinning as that of a dance. She felt as if she were dancing with the universe. Beaver, Turtle and Waterfowl, knew they were to platy a part in her destiny. Turtle tells his companions to put her on his back and he will swim with her; this they do and as turtle swims he gathers and places under her a cosmic matter, which he knows she will use to form her new earth.

He helped he place the stars in the sky as they floated around the galaxy. When comes to rest she gives birth to the light tree which grows from turtles back.

Iroquis creation story essay example

She then gives birth to her daughter who takes a long journey herself. Upon her return to her mother she gives birth to two sons one who is not fully developed and the other who the sky woman rejects.

This rejected son would come t o create the world. His mother was put in the light tree in the high branches and began to shine and became the sun.The Relationship of Animals and Humans Animals played key roles in many creation myths.

They were viewed as equals by the humans. The myths told of “a time in which men and animals lived together and no sexual, social or economic tensions are present” (Long 20). May 30,  · The Iroquois Creation Story A tale of the foundation of the great island, now North America; --the two infants born, and the creation of the universe Story summarized from Sketches of the American History of the Six Nations () Included In The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Fifth Ed Volume Before the creation of.

“The Iroquois Creation Story” shares a version of the Mother Earth myth along with examples of supernatural animals “the turtle increased every moment and became a considerable island of earth” (Baym, , p.

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19, para. 1). The Iroquois Creation Story1. A Tale of the Foundation of the Great Island, Now North America; the Two Infants Born, and the Creation of the Universe (rec.

). Among the ancients there were two worlds in existence. The Native American Experience The World on the Turtle’s Back Iroquois Creation Myth “The World on the Turtle’s Back” is an Iroquois (GrPE-kwoiQ) creation story . Title of work you are analyzing: The Iroquois Creation Story Author of the work: David Cusick 1.

What is the purpose or function of the work? Why was it written? Explain. Be specific. Include thegenre as well as the reasons it was written. Even though Cusick considers his work history, it is a myth.