Hr practice in grameen phone

Grameenphone is also one the largest taxpayers in the country, having contributed nearly BDT crore in direct and indirect taxes to the Government Exchequer over the years. Of this amount, over BDT crore was paid in alone.

Hr practice in grameen phone

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All employees are well educated at home or abroad, with an even distribution of males and females and social groups in Bangladesh. They know in their hearts that Grameenphone is more than phones.

GrameenPhone provides equal employment opportunities and recognizes the talents and energy of its employees. Grameen Phone GP has conducive and safe working environment. They believe in working in a team and demonstrate team spirit to maximize and excel in standard quality service to their valued subscribers in the area of telecommunication.

Assignment on Human resource Practices of Grameen Phone - Assignment Point

Employees work in an environment where they feel valued, responsible and supported by the authority as well as by their colleagues. Grameen Phone GP also takes preventive and safety measures to avoid all sorts of hazardous situation that might take place in some areas of technical functions.

This enormous task requires dedicated, devoted and committed manpower. The most significant employee benefit offered by Grameenphone Ltd is Profit Sharing.

The profit sharing takes place once a year: Performance bonuses are given on the basis of performance in a given year. The MD then takes the decision on the performance bonus. However, all decisions regarding performance bonuses by the MD needs to be approved by the Board of Governors. This reward system does not have any fixed criteria.

This is basically an additional reward system, which provides financial incentives to employees for extraordinary performance in any area of their job.

Soft Option has a number of service benefits which is typically not found in other companies. Among the benefits are flexible working hour: After contractual period GP send all the information of an employee to Telenor for update about that Employee.

GP just can suggest and send report to them but decision maker is only Telenor. Follow up all the job performances and see all the records Telenor decide what to do with the employees. They can demotion or promotion, they may gain increment or loss job too.

GSM brings the most advanced developments in cellular technology at a reasonable cost by spurring severe competition among manufacturers and driving down the cost of equipment. Thus, consumers get the best for the least.

GrameenPhone is now the leading telecommunications service provider in the country with more than 23 million subscribers as of March Over the years, Grameenphone has always been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in the local market.

Being one of the pioneers in developing the GSM service in Europe, Telenor AS has also helped to transfer this knowledge to the local employees over the years.Leave management is an important function.

HR has opened a leave management database to obtain current leave status of all the employees of Grameen Phone. It provides employees about their leave status when it is necessary. HR Management also deals with some personnel functions like show cause, termination, Dismissal, discharge, and resignation.


A Report On HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] HR Practices in GrameenPhone Limited Prepared For M.

Nazmul Amin Majumder BRAC Business School, BRAC University Prepared By Sabit Rahman Tanim ID: , Sec MBA Program [pic] BRAC University Date of Submission: 20 April LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL 20 April.

Hr practice in grameen phone

Human Resources practices in Grameen Phone Limited. Executive Summary. It is the leading telecommunications service provider in the country with more than 16 . Here is the report on “HR Practices in Grameenphone limited”. We prepared the report on the basis of the Study on Human Resource planning and personnel policies of Grameenphone limited, a leading telecommunication company in Bangladesh.4/4(4).

Human Resources (HR) Department, an important part of Administration Division plays very vital role in the total functioning of Grameen Phone Employee recruitment, selection, transfer, promotion, training, performance appraisal – all these are conducted by HR division. Then after 1 month a HR of Grameenphone called by phone and gave me an invitation for interview for intern for transformation dept though i am looking for technical dept he sent an invitation for vat and transformation dept.

Assignment on Human resource Practices of Grameen Phone - Assignment Point