History classes in college

With five major locations that offer a total of 33 associate degree, 17 transfer degree and 33 certificate programs, it has been the convenient college choice for our community for decades. Robinson, an year-old Interboro High School graduate from Glenolden, planned to take data processing courses and transfer to a computer programming curriculum at a four-year college. The College experiences a sharp spike in enrollments at all six major locations in Delaware and Chester counties.

History classes in college

History Alumni Focus Meet the Future with an Understanding of the Past Only with knowledge of the past, where humans have come from and how they have responded to success and failure, can anyone expect to understand the consequences of future actions.

Our global and transnational approach to history draws on faculty specialties ranging from African to Asian, Islamic, Jewish, Latin American, European and American history.

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The department's course offerings are especially strong in the study of women, gender and sexuality as well as 20th- and 21st-century history. We encourage our students to study abroad throughout the world.

In keeping with the traditions of a small, liberal arts college, we direct a large number of independent studies, allowing students to study specific topics related to world history while pursuing a personal line of intellectual inquiry.

We provide close supervision as students learn the essential skills of historians. Through survey and topics courses, seminars and independent study projects, students gain the ability to research thoroughly, read critically, analyze sources accurately and write and communicate their findings clearly.Wharton County Junior College is an Equal Opportunity Educational institution.

All images found in this website are the property by Wharton County Junior College and may not be used by any other entity for any other purpose without written permission from the college. Courses. Course Number Title Credit Hours Latin American Civilizations to Latin American Civilizations since and Sexuality History.

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History classes in college

Computer Classes; English as a Second Language; High School Equivalency Prep; > College History. College History. Listen. Founded in , Southwestern Illinois College was originally known as Belleville Junior College and operated under the jurisdiction of Belleville Township High School District That year, the institution enrolled.


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In addition, the History Faculty collaborates with the MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society, and the Anthropology Program, to offer the doctoral program in the History .

History It is the story of where we’ve been—and where we are going. From the beginnings of civilization to the present day, meet the people and events that changed the course of the human experience.

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