Giving up for compassion

Theories[ edit ] Theoretical perspectives of compassion have been developed through the years, the following three proposed perspectives show contrasts in their evolution and approaches to compassion. Compassion is simply a variation of love or sadness, not a distinct emotion. Suffering can result from psychological, social, and physical trauma [16] and it happens in acute forms as often as chronically.

Giving up for compassion

Why does the National Compassion Fund need anchor sponsors? What is The National Compassion Fund? The National Compassion Fund The Fund is a safe, transparent way for the public to give directly to the victims of mass casualty crimes, including shootings and terrorist attacks.

How did the National Compassion Fund come about? After they experienced stressful and prolonged negotiations attempting to collect money donated in their names, they asked the National Center for Victims of Crime to partner with them to develop a new model of giving—one that genuinely serves victims, donors, and the wider public.

How is the Fund different from other organizations that collect money after a mass casualty crime? The National Compassion Fund collects money for victims of mass casualty crimes and distributes that money directly to the victims and their families.

We have no other agenda or purpose. Established charities and other community groups can, and do, fund those things.

Giving up for compassion

The Fund is different because it is overseen by people whose expertise is specifically with crime victims. The National Center for Victims of Crime brings to the Fund three decades of experience as the leading national resource and advocacy organization for crime victims and those who serve them.

Learn more about the National Center for Victims of Crime at www. Why do we need a National Compassion Fund? It sounds like an easy thing to do — donate directly to victims of a horrific crime. But how do donors know if the victims themselves are going to get the money?

Just because a fund or charity seems trustworthy or says it will give to the victims does not mean this automatically happens. After a mass shooting or terror attack, all kinds of funds offer to accept donations from a generous public.

Unfortunately, the reality is that much of this money does not go to the victims, and those who hold the money are in no way accountable to the victims or their families. In addition, some of these funds are not registered as a c 3 charities and are therefore unable to offer tax-deductibility for donors.

And some of the funds are, sadly, outright scams. The National Compassion Fund is different.

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We are transparent and accountable to donors, victims, and the public. At a time of grief and recovery, victims and their families should not have the added stress of negotiating with multiple funds, or having to justify receiving the money collected in their names.

Victims deserve a fair distribution mechanism, with money paid out in a timely manner, solely on the basis of the injury incurred. We believe that the victims and families themselves are best placed to decide how to use the money to rebuild their lives. Donors need confidence that their money is going directly to victims themselves, and that donations are tax deductible.

The National Compassion Fund does not raise funds for any purpose other than to give directly to victims of mass casualty crimes.How it works What is Giving Compassion? Giving Compassion, Crowdfunding by Federated, is a crowdfunding based service that is a tool for generating an online, community-based fundraiser.

Never Give Up On Compassion. March 7, Albert Schweitzer, noted theologian, organist, philosopher, physician and Nobel Peace Prize recipient is quoted to say: “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.”I believe we all agree that this is a meaningful way to live.

We encourage you to give additional monetary gifts for special occasions, to address specific needs, or simply as an act of love. How does Compassion child sponsorship work? We also recognize that the children we serve have unique needs and unique gifts. Your child will write to you at least twice a year — and up to six times per year.

Feed the It’s hard to believe that Northwest Arkansas is home to two of the most hungry counties in the state of Arkansas and that thousands go without food every day but Today you can make a difference, you can change a life, you can Feed the Webster University Giving Campaign.

Education, Compassion & Philanthropy. Your support makes an impact on Webster University, the St. Louis Community and our students worldwide. The Little Rock Compassion Center is a homeless shelter and rescue mission serving the poor and needy in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We are a Christian non-profit organization. We provide meals, shelter, hope and recovery through the love of Jesus Christ. We are % donor supported. We do not receive government assistance.

Your donations go to help the homeless and needy right here in Little Rock.

Never Give Up On Compassion