An analysis of the events and people of the 1960s in the united states of america

Antitoxics groups[ edit ] Antitoxics groups are a subgroup that is affiliated with the Environmental Movement in the United States, that is primarily concerned with the effects that cities and their by products have on humans. This aspect of the movement is a self-proclaimed "movement of housewives". As a result of this dumping the residents had symptoms of skin irritation, Lois Gibbsa resident of the development, started a grassroots campaign for reparations. Eventual success led to the government having to purchase homes that were sold in the development.

An analysis of the events and people of the 1960s in the united states of america

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Several social upheavals occurred during the decade such as the Free Speech Movement, the protests against the Vietnam War and mass reaction against assasinations of political figures such as then president John F.

The decade was characterized by new, exciting, radical, subversive and dangerous events. The murders of prominent political figures were rampant in the United States during the s, primarily, due to Ideological differences.

These assasinations caused a great deal of depression among the American populace.

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The 60s was a dark age for the American people as several series of events resulted to destructive mass actions. People wept openly, others gathered on public places to watch the television coverage and schools dismissed students early Sklar, The death of Malcolm Little saw a sad America as the public viewing of his body had 14, sympathizers Sklar, Former senator, Robert F.

An analysis of the events and people of the 1960s in the united states of america

The political assasinations in the United States during the s led to a new demoralizing and violent manifestation of emotion which revolutionized the American society per se. The darkness of the decade brought about by these killings may have had variations on methods and motives, however, these events had similar outcomes and impacts on the lives and emotions of most, if not, all Americans.

The dacade high lighted the rise of the Free Speech Movement, a student protest that took place on the grounds of the University of California in Berkeley Goines, The social impact of the Free Speech Movement was contrary to the intents of the protesters themselves, the political scene saw the movement as a threat to the policies of the American government Goines, In a social context, the 60s was a decade of rebellion against the conservative norms, the Free Speech Movement pioneered the civil liberties movement dominant in the s Goines, The movement marked the start of student activism on the Campus and whole United States in the s that still stands for freedom of speech and academic freedom in the university today Goines, The decade of the 60s was not only a decade of social and political disorders, since the United States participated in the Vietnam war during the decade.

The president gradually expressed interest on direct United States participation in the Vietnam War due to his containment policy which made the United States possible for any Communist expansion efforts Herring, Johnson also expanded the military presence in Vietnm after the Gulf of Tonkin shootout between the two American Naval units: The incident caused the United States Senate to legislate the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which gave Johnson powers to use military force even without the declaration of war Herring, Johnson also furthered that he is trying to win the war as fast as he can in any way he knew how Herring, The s was a very turbulent decade for the Americans.

Interrelated circumstances such as political assasinations, social revolutions and participation in the Vietnam War brought about change to the United States in the political and social aspect.

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The essence of the events that occurred during the decade are only manifested by the impact they had to the American people.

References British Boadcasting Company. Martin Luther King Shot Dead.

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Create a List Involvement in a long and indecisive war in Asia and scandals that reached into the White House eroded the confidence of many Americans in their country's values and system of government. The United States survived such challenges, however, and emerged from the s subdued but intact.
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in the United States - Wikipedia Today, we tell about life in the United States during the nineteen sixties.

The Free Speech Movement: Coming of Age in the s. The United States and Vietnam, McGraw Hill, Sklar, Z. More essays like this:In the United States today, the organized environmental movement is represented by a wide range of organizations sometimes called non-governmental organizations or NGOs.

These organizations exist on local, national, and international scales.

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Johnson, the United States Congress, and the 43 million people—a.k.a. 61% of the voters—that gave Johnson an enormous mandate in were on to a new America, too. We tend to equate the idealism of the s with the student movements and the counterculture that offered the most dramatic challenges to American policies and conventions.

Jul 24,  · Back in , when Barack Obama was elected as the first black man to ever hold the office of President of the United States, a part of me thought that maybe, just maybe, America was about to turn.

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America's Best History - United States History Timeline Civil Rights and Turmoil. Most important historical events of each year of the decade of the 's listed, including detail on the Outer Space Treaty. At the start of the s, things seemed pretty much like the s—prosperous, calm and predictable.

But by , the civil rights movement was making headlines, and the young and vibrant President John F.

An analysis of the events and people of the 1960s in the united states of america

Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, one of the most stunning events of the 20th century. I will analyze the effect that the War had on many people throughout the United States. This was the time that the Counter Culture movement came into full swing, being most known as the decade of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll”.

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