A lion on the freeway an

Caltrans officials reached out Thursday for public comment on a proposal to build a wildlife crossing over the Ventura Freeway in the Agoura Hills area in an effort to bolster the genetic diversity of mountain lions and other animals living in the Santa Monica Mountains. Caltrans has released an initial study and environmental assessment of the proposed landscaped bridge, which is being considered in the Liberty Canyon area. Proponents have said the crossing is needed to improve the mobility of wildlife across the freeway, which serves as a natural barrier to animals and isolates populations north and south of the roadway. The resulting isolation has led to an increasing problem of inbreeding among the mountain lion population and lack of genetic diversity.

A lion on the freeway an

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Research in African Literatures From the vantage point ofthe apartheid era in South Africa looms both as a powerful ghost and still a real presence in the lives of South Africans.

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Both books under review, with different degrees of success, concentrate on the imprints of racism and the ways in which different South African authors have grappled with the tensions around identity, political meaning, and authenticity within a racist order.

In Balutansky's book these questions force a confrontation between liberal ideals of "pure" literary production free of political bias, and the realities of apartheid South Africa that to a large degree determined who could claim the position of neutral intellectual and who had to battle with discrimination and racism.

In this respect Balutansky's work is a worthwhile contribution to African literature. She demonstrates through a discussion of La Guma's five novels that while he is best known for his detailed descriptions of marginality under apartheid, his oeuvre powerfully elaborates an "esthetics of conflict" precisely because he was politically engaged in the anti-apartheid struggle.

Balutansky is, perhaps, a little too invested in demonstrating La Guma's success in this venture. The reader might appreciate a more critical edge, the kind that surfaces in the chapter analyzing Time of the Butcher Bird, but overall this is an interesting work. While The Novels of Alex La Guma succeeds in raising questions about the relationship between politics and literature, unfortunately The Lion on the Freeway does little to advance the state of scholarship.

The book proposes to examine the production of an English literary tradition from the earliest works by Olive Schreiner in up to the early s.

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This reader's unease, awakened in the brief preface, began in earnest in chapter one, which surveys South African history. While certainly intended as an introduction, the information is so ineptly presented the discussion of apartheid is particularly muddled that it hinders rather than helps the reader.

In addition, this reader found the author's analogy of black South Africans being a lion the kind of colonial stereotype that bears no repeating 47, The book is a poorly written description, under chapter headings such as "Suffering," "Attacking," and "Ignorance," of the novels of [End Page ] writers such as Miriam Tlali, J.

Published inthe book shows no evidence of having incorporated critical analysis of South African literature produced in the s; it also does not cite Abdul JanMohamed's intervention on African literature, Manichean Aesthetics U of Massachusetts P.

One Mountain Lion’s Death on a California Freeway May Help Save Dozens More | TakePart

The book will probably do little to awaken the interest of undergraduates and offers little to reader s already familiar with South African literature.

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A lion on the freeway an

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The Lion on the Freeway: A Thematic Introduction to Contemporary South African Literature in English The Novels of Alex La Guma The Lion on the Freeway: A Thematic Introduction to Contemporary South African Literature in English, by Theodore F.

Sheckles, Jr. M86 is the only lion known to successfully cross the I freeway from the east and mate during the decade and half that wildlife expert Winston Vickers tracked the cats, to The decomposed remains of P, the first known mountain lion to successfully navigate across the Freeway twice, were recently discovered by a biologist, officials with National Park Service.

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A lion on the freeway an
Mountain Lion P, Famous For Crossing The Freeway Twice, Has Died: LAist