A close look into the life of roger williams

What are the dates for the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular?

A close look into the life of roger williams

A close look into the life of roger williams

The almost hedonistic ritual of the elephant bath. The eager zebras and the reluctant watusis. The birdlike chirping of river otter pups. And that female gibbon, relentlessly chasing the male. Thus begins the day for about a dozen keepers at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

The meeting is quick and businesslike, as French, deputy director of animal programs, ticks off tasks to be done this day. And announce one of the special highlights of the day: She approaches a beige cinder-block building and a metal gate covered with wooden slats next to it. A red padlock wards off any who would ignore the sign warning: At this building, a missing animal would be quite alarming: It hosts the holding area for snow leopards and Asiatic black bears, known to zoo visitors at moon bears.

On this day, Sabu and Maliha, the snow leopards, and George and Gracie, the moon bears, are home. The porcupines could contract the worms if wild animals at the zoo, most likely raccoons, climbed on the mesh roof of the porcupine exhibit and left droppings that fell to the ground. So Razor, the male, and Juniper, the female, get preventive medicine once a week.

She will return later to make sure all the medicine was consumed. Back at the cinderblock building, George, the male bear, starts acting up, bellowing a warning as Tan accompanies a Journal reporter and photographer. Tan gives Gracie a thyroid pill hidden in a grape, slipped between the heavy mesh separating the keeper from the bears.

Of course, George wants a grape, too, and Tan obliges. With the leopards and bears securely locked inside, Tan gets ready to venture into their outdoor enclosures. She checks twice to make sure that the animals are where they should be, that the doors are closed and that they are locked.

See a Problem?

The heavy barred door that she passes through to the outdoor part of the enclosure swings open and latches against the building, blocking the passageway that the animals will come through, providing a safety backup.

She cleans up any manure from the day before. One of her last morning chores is to scatter food around the bear enclosure so they can hunt and forage throughout the day.

The bears get greens and other vegetables, which they eat throughout the day. Not all of the food on the menu comes from restaurant suppliers. The commissary also stocks crickets and meal worms for the critters with that sort of palate and special meat for the carnivores.

The commissary even has to "feed the food," supplying Cricket Quencher for the population of adult crickets in the commissary. Diets prescribed by the veterinarian can vary from day to day and are often quite precise.

In addition to their regular diet, most animals will get a treat each day, says Johnson. Take the white-cheeked gibbons, for example.Active Roger Williams Park Zoo members save $2 off adult and $1 off child tickets nightly for the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular.

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Roger Williams was likely born in this tumultuous year, the same year that Queen Elizabeth died. He was the third of four children born to James Williams, a “Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London,” and Alice Pemberton Williams, from St. Albans, just northwest of London.

Roger Williams University, founded in , is a leading independent, coeducational university with over 45 majors in arts and sciences, professional studies, architecture, and law. Across two campuses, one on the water in Bristol, and one in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, students become community and globally-minded citizens through project-based, experiential learning.

A day in the life of Roger Williams Park Zoo | Video, audio Thus begins the day for about a dozen keepers at Roger Williams Park Zoo. a tourist from London. "Look at that!" Alice the. Lone Journey: The Life of Roger Williams is a biography of Roger Williams, champion of religious freedom and founder of Providence Plantation, written for children by Jeanette Eaton.3/5.

A Key Into the Language of America [Roger Williams] on ashio-midori.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written in at a time of great turmoil between Native Americans and the English settlers, A Key into the Language of America is a study of American Indian life5/5(8).

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